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That is unlucky given the many benefits of LipoSelection. Since one of the questions we frequently get is "what's the difference between liposuction and LipoSelection?" we thought we would take this opportunity to explain.

Liposuction and LipoSelection: What is the distinction?

First, there really is just not a selected distinction between liposuction and LipoSelection, per se. Simply put, LipoSelection is a type of liposuction. Liposuction refers to any procedure in which an instrument is positioned under the skin to remove fat cells under vacuum. This is simple to understand because the key information is correct in the name: lipo- refers to fats and -suction is, well, self-evident. Liposuction might be performed in a number of completely different ways, with or without fluid infusion (tumescent method), for example. Over time, plastic surgeons have figured out which approaches offer the perfect results for individual patients. The end result of years of research and refinement in the area of liposuction is a way and device known as LipoSelection.

Because the name suggests, LipoSelection is a form of liposuction that enables plastic surgeons to exactly select and remove unwanted fat. Instead of solely relying on the facility of the vacuum to essentially rip out clumps of fat cells, the LipoSelection equipment contains a miniaturized (yet powerful) ultrasound device. Ultrasonic energy is used to break apart fat cells and liquefy the fats so that it might be more simply removed under vacuum. This is the principle difference between LipoSelection and traditional liposuction.

How does LipoSelection work?

In lots of ways, LipoSelection works like traditional tumescent liposuction. The plastic surgeon infuses the therapy space with saline to help lift and separate the varied tissue planes. That simply means there's additional space for the ultrasound and liposuction probes to move and operate. The infused saline also helps protect surrounding tissue (e.g. muscle tissues, fascia) from being damaged in the course of the next step: ultrasound disruption. The small probe delivers ultrasonic vibration to break open fat cells causing them to leak their contents. The liquefied fat and cellular particles is then removed from the body. This necessary liquefying step helps to ensure that the handled area is not left with clumps of fat, which might leave visible bumps, ridges, or depressions in the skin.

Are LipoSelection and VASER different?

In a word: no. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This labored acronym essentially describes the technology that LipoSelection uses. In VASER, ultrasound energy disrupts fat previous to removal under suction. In essence, LipoSelection is a form of VASER liposuction.

What issues are the outcomes of Liposelection

When patient's ask "what is the difference between liposuction and LipoSelection?" they really wish to know if Liposelection is better than traditional liposuction (it really is!). LipoSelection is a wonderful method for removing large volumes of unwanted fats, say from the abdomen or the thighs (although it can be utilized in most body regions). Nevertheless, an important advantage is that LipoSelection can provide a better general form and smoother skin than traditional liposuction.

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